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Speak to the Storm


A pit to pinnacle story of hope.

A dysfunctional family and the tragic loss of parents, wife, and child lead to alcoholism, homelessness, and a prison's mental ward.  So how does he become the winningest high school football coach in North Carolina history? 


Hebrews 6:19

Only Girl in Brugge


A heart's journey across time and space.  Two wars on his country's neutral soil, the horror of the Nazi death camps, and the jungles of Africa separate a heroic young Belgian from the Jewish girl he loves . . . a girl he has never met.  Will he ever find her?  Is she even alive?


1 Corinthians 13

The LIE Virus


The world is saturated in lies - corrupt, lost, and blind.  Evil has been waiting for this moment.  A bioterrorist attack goes horribly wrong and the human species faces inevitable extinction.  The last  survivors assemble to face the last days together, unable to reproduce.  Is this the end?  


John 8:31-32

Breathing a Bad Land


She is running hard in the wrong direction -- her soul is lost and her body is enslaved.  An odd couple rescues the abandoned Sioux woman from certain death, but her demons want more than flesh and blood.  Will she find the way out?


Psalm 40

Iceman's Dream


A recurring dream compels a young Inuk -- stranded in the High Arctic -- to devote his life to the cause of his people.  Will they survive?  Will he?  What becomes of the young girl who disappeared?  Will the Inuit people eventually find their voice? 


Joel 2:28

An Old Man Told Me


A collection of short stories

told on the long road

from here to there.

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The inside story of an amazing ministry fueled by the power of the cross.


Jeff and Natalie Storment

Proverbs 22:6

Annie O


A painfully shy girl with a strange name has it in her heart to succeed in the timber business.  But it's a man's world, and she is not welcome.  The conflict becomes a deadly game of wills.


Joshua (Acsah)

Day of the Almond


A weeping warning


slumbering saints.


Book of Jeremiah

Solomon's Paradox


The World's Wisest Fool


God gave him wisdom, riches, and long life.  Solomon squandered it on wine, women, and song.

The Turnip Conspiracy